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There’s a lot to consider when you’re thinking about updating your business’s POS system. You want to make sure the payment processing terminal you’re investing in will suit your unique needs – and come with ongoing support if you need it.

So what are the major questions you’ll want to address when upgrading your POS system?

How big is your business?
A small or midsize size operation has vastly different needs than a major corporation. When you’re running a smaller enterprise, you want solutions that are tailored to your needs. The First Data FD130 and FD130 Duo Terminals are a perfect choice for merchants that fall under the small to midsized umbrella because they’re offer intuitive technology that can grow as your business does. For the budget-conscious operations just getting off the ground, the First Data FD55 Terminal offers full-service processing at an affordable price.

If your business has expanded significantly, the First Data Fd300TI Terminal will let you keep track of sales for all of your different businesses in the same location.

What’s your industry?
Some payment processing solutions are better for specific industries. The First Data FD200TI is ideal for supermarkets, along with other businesses that process a large volume of checks. Similarly, the First Data Restaurant Solution and First Data Retail Solution both help business owners in these industries address their own specific challenges, such as managing inventory or reducing costs, while still offering full-service capabilities.

What types of payments do you accept?
Is your business preparing for the advent of EMV payments or seeing an increase in contactless cards? The First Data PD35 PIN Pad can help your cashiers handle these transactions with ease and speed customers through the checkout line.

How mobile do you need to be?
If you want to accept payments all over your store, not just at a cash wrap, you may be interesting in using a smartphone as a mobile POS. The First Data Mobile PaySM allows you to process payments any time, anywhere – and it’s just as safe as traditional POS systems.

If you’re insecure about using your smartphone – or think your customers would be hesitant to use it, the First Data Fd400GT Terminal may be the right choice. This terminal/PIN pad/printer combo lets you take payments on the go, without the need for any electrical outlets.

Do you prefer customizable or low-maintenance solutions?
If you want to tailor your POS system to suit your business’s specific needs as it grows, Clover® may be the right choice for you. Its downloadable apps allow you to customize your POS for your business. Uniquely, Clover® also runs on a cloud-based system, meaning you never need to worry about forgetting to install security updates. This makes it the ideal choice for business owners who want POS solutions to evolve with their growth but still be relatively low maintenance.

How much support do you want?

Ignite Payments provides ongoing support for all First Data POS terminals, so no matter which option is right for your business, you’ll rest assured knowing someone is there to help if you need assistance. With that in mind, why delay? Get in touch with the specialists at Ignite Payments today to determine which POS system will fit your operation’s needs the best.



Frank C

I’ve been with Ignite/first data for 4 years now as my credit card processor. I couldn’t be happier. They have amazing rates. Their customer service team is top-notch and they’re very knowledgeable. I also have the mobile pay on my phone, and it’s been a very reliable source. I’m able to accept payments anywhere I go!

Frank C. – CEO, We Know Tickets

Pos Terminals
fd 100
First Data™ FD100TI Terminal

Great for small- to mid-sized merchants who need full-service processing and an affordably priced terminal that can grow with their needs. Terminal and high-speed printer in one.

fd551 2
First Data™ FD200TI Terminal

Ideal for supermarkets and other merchants that process a large volume of checks, in addition to accepting all other payment options. Terminal, check reader and printer in one.

First Data™ Fd300TI Terminal

Perfect for operations that need to keep track of sales for separate businesses (as many as 99) that are housed at the same location. Each business owner receives an individualized statement. Terminal and printer in one.

First Data™ Fd400GT Terminal

Designed especially for merchants who accept payments on the road, those without phone lines and electrical outlets, and those paying higher rates when accepting credit cards manually or by phone. Terminal, PIN pad and printer in one.

First Data™ FD55 Terminal

Developed for the cost-conscious merchant who requires full-service processing at the lowest possible cost. Terminal and printer in one.

Clover POS

Clover is a future-proof Point of Sale system designed to grow with the needs of business. This Cloud based system ensures businesses that they will never have to pay for software upgrades and the proprietary App Store creates a limitless avenue for expanding the Clover’s ability to help your business grow.

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