Credit Card & Check Payment Processing

When it comes to processing payments at the point of sale, every merchant needs a reliable, secure processing partner to keep the line moving LEARN MORE >>


Merchants have until October 2015 to become EMV compliant and allow chip based cards to be processed at their location. This is a great way to reduce potential chargebacks and give your customers the sense of security they want with each transaction. LEARN MORE >>


Security is never a fun topic, but Igntie Payments makes it easy to lock out the bad guys with a program guaranteed to NEVER allow your customers card information to be compromised. LEARN MORE >>

Customer Analytics & Business Analytics

See purchase data and trends to guide a successful business strategy.  LEARN MORE >>


Simply sophisticated is an understatement for this innovative future-proof payment platform. By keeping the platform in the Cloud, Clover® allows your business to grow with each new app you add. Secure, flexible, efficient and intuitive are words used by our clients to describe this great business tool. LEARN MORE >>


The Strategic Alliance agent office at Ignite Payments has one simple goal: To make your business better. You will work closely with a dedicated staff that will provide the right payment processing solutions for your specific needs. With our expert representatives, we will focus on these 4 areas of your business:

1. We provide unmatched payment processing solutions in security and variety. We here at Ignite Payments understand the importance of having a secure system for you and your customers’ peace of mind.

2. We help you grow your business by offering multiple avenues to attract new customers to your business and have existing customers return more often. We want to ensure that our solutions help your organization grow.

3. We will create easy-to-implement business systems that allow for you and your staff to focus on growth.

There’s nothing better than getting your job done without having to worry about the intricacies of your payment processing systems.

4. We will support our clients throughout our relationship and provide business insight to help you make good decisions as your business expands. We are your partners, and we’re with you for the long haul!

No two businesses are the same. Different companies have different needs, and we want to ensure that we offer you a custom solution to help grow your organization. Each of our clients get special attention by our highly trained staff to find out where your business is now and where you want it to be. We will make sure you are aware of all the tools we can provide for your business to help you along that road.

We are in the business of making your business better!

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Annette Larsen’s team at Ignite made accepting credit and debit payments via iPhone and iPad an exceptionally easy reality, allowing us to better serve our clients and meet not only their legal needs, but their payment preferences as well. We’d recommend Annette and Ignite to any business that wants the easiest and best payment processing service and support there is.

Mark C. Metzger – Law Office of Mark C. Metzger • Naperville, IL

I’ve been with Ignite/first data for 4 years now as my credit card processor. I couldn’t be happier. They have amazing rates. Their customer service team is top-notch and they’re very knowledgeable. I also have the mobile pay on my phone, and it’s been a very reliable source. I’m able to accept payments anywhere I go!

Frank C. – CEO, We Know Tickets

I have been working with Annette Larsen and First Data / Ignite Payments for almost four years now and could not be more happy with their services, rates and customer service. Since that time our rates have been improved two more times while having the chance to streamline processing even further by adding mobile processing and a desk terminal for counter/in-store purchases. Most important of all, we have experienced 100% reliable security with not one single breach or issue.

Diane Beaulieu – President Five Bees Management, Inc.

We rely on Ignite Payments Strategic Alliance as a trusted business partner. They consistently go above and beyond with customer service and business solutions. Their leadership and support staff communicate in real time and collaborate as one. I am solicited weekly by their competitors but don’t care what the offer is – I am not changing.

Scott Shearer – Owner Twisted Olive

Continued support and personalized care beyond the transaction.

Ignite Payments is here to make your business better. Call today to see what Ignite Payments can do for you.


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